Sunday, 27 March 2011

Highlights from the 2010 Montage Fashion and Beauty Show in Pakistan

Here are some more highlights from the 2010 Montage Fashion and Beauty Show, which took place at the end of November in Pakistan and featured some of Pakistan's most popular designers.

First up is Karma, who had some very heavily embroidered bridals:
In addition to the fashion designers, this event was also a showcase for beauty company Alle'nora. So I have to ask, what did you think of this hairstyle above? I've seen this model is loads of shows (including this year's Asiana Bridal Show in London) and this is my least favourite hairstyle for her...I'd go as far as saying this hairstyle almost ruins the outfits for me!!

Now onto the next designer - Goal by Fozia Hammad, which are a huge contrast to the heavy bridals by Karma, these are your more subtle evening dresses for formal occassions.
Again I'm distracted by the hair instead of looking at the outfit with this last model...I'm sure it's a beautiful outfit, I just don't know why they couldn't have given the model a more sleeker up-do rather than the "Morticia Adams" look.

I think the final designer of this whole event was HSY, who presented these fabulous mostly black outfits
Not really loving this floral skirt outfit, complete with a matching black veil for dramatic effect, which was the finale outfit. I much prefered the beaded dress below, which I think would definitely look more flattering on a normal person than the floral:

You can view more photos from this event, taken by photographer Shahid Malik, on the Shahid Malik Studio facebook page including designers such as Asifs and Nabeel, Maria B Bridal, La Chantal by Saba, Rouge, BNS by Bina Sultan, RNR Couture and Ayesha Ibrahim.

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