Monday, 7 March 2011

Manchester Asian Wedding Show 2011

Also know as "The Asian Lifestyle Wedding and Fashion Exhibition", Manchester's most popular asian wedding show was held last weekend (the 26th and 27th Feb) in the city centre.

I've attended this event for the last two years (you can view pics from the 2010 catwalk here and the 2009 catwalk here) and hoped that the event would be bigger and better for 2011.

Sadly, I was a little disappointed and I wasn't the only one - check out the review by asian wedding blogger Rabbia over at Asian Wedding Online. In terms of fashion exhibitors I felt some of manchester's most popular asian fashion stores were missing and out of those that were there, only three really stood out to me. I also felt the exhibition was a lot smaller than in previous years, there just didn't seem to be as much to look at.
A few comments were made about the models not being very good. I watched the first fashion show and I saw a few of the models struggling to walk in the heavy outfits, one model having to run off stage as her top was falling off, and at one point there was an unintentional gap where nothing was happening - presumably because the models weren't ready in time. But I don't think the blame is down entirely to the models themselves, I think the backstage team were also responsible for the poor presentation I witnessed.

I'll be posting more detailed photos and video links from the catwalk, along with my commentary, but in the meantime, these were the highlights for me.

London's Raishma was one of the stand-out designers for me, she's already very established and it was nice to see her bringing her collection up North for this exhibition.
Although I'd seen some of these gorgeous gowns in photos from other fashion shows, it was great to see them up close and to get a real feel for what they looked like in person.

Je Roche
I'm not sure whether they go by Je Roche or Javeria and Roshi's but either way their long flowing looser fit designs looked good from where I was sitting.

Burooj were the big surprise for me at the exhibition. Years ago, I purchased one of their menswear pieces and it's been a staple in my husband's wardobe ever since. Back then they didn't do womenswear, but with this exhibition they launched their couture bridal line and I liked every single outfit!

If you attended the show, particularly if you're a bride or groom planning your wedding, let me know what you thought of the event and whether it was worth going to.


  1. I went along to this show as im getting married in the summer. The catwalk was a huge letdown, poor quality of models and it seemed there was a lack of organisation backstage. For a show that was advertised as the biggest in the north, it was far from that. Very disapointed.

  2. Sadly even though the event wasn't that good, I think it's the best there is in the Northwest (and I use the word "best" very loosely here!)

  3. thanks for the honest review. I sometimes think that asian vendors get away with low quality events and products simply because of the lack of competition, so people will pay for whatever is available. The production companies make their profit, but have little incentive to improve or innovate.

  4. It is the attitude of the organisation and management style. They have no priority to invite the quality exhibitors or they will pay attention to the production quality. They only concentrate selling stands , no matter who they are ?
    Providing the visitor good quality products and profational and expert advise should be the priority.
    Third year running they have lost exhibitors as well as big numbers on visitors!!

  5. The event itself was i agree a total let down, but the few good exhibitors they did have did a grand job my personal favourites were Burooj Couture with their classy pakistani outfits, with new sophisticated cuts. For me Je Roche was like one of the more typical boutiques with over the top embrioderies and typical indian fashion. Overall the event needs major organisational redevelopment to become better next year.

  6. This event was a disgrace, they organiser's would even let you take photographs of the models. Poorly managed event, driven by hunger for sales.

  7. The organisers are to blame for the failure. They think they are the biggest in the game but to this date they have not been able to pull in a crowd to any of there shows they have done at this venue. Even though they have advertised the event all year round every day on thier station.

    Its a shame how they still are advertising on asian sound radio that the event was a huge success and next year will be bigger.

    They are a organisation who are just after taking exhibitors money by lying to them.

    Absolute disgrace asian sound radio or asr what ever they are.

  8. Catwalk - rubbish
    Models - rubbish
    Catwak hair and makeup - appalling
    Venue - no parking and difficult to get to
    Number of exhibitors - very few
    Would I go again - never

  9. They even had a company exhibiting Tiles, what has that got to do with Asian weddings???? Yep I agree asian sound radio events is all about selling stand space! nothing else


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