Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Mehdi at the 2010 Montage Fashion and Beauty Show in Pakistan

The Montage: Fashion & Beauty Show, organised by Vision Events Internation, took place at the end of November last year in Lahore Pakistan. Attracting some of Pakistan's top designers, here's the collection by Mehdi.

I know these photos are perhaps a *little* out of date, but I still think they're worth posting! A big thanks to Shahid Malik Studio for these photos.

Out of the non-bridals/formal outfits, these two below are my favourites:
I wouldn't automatically think of pairing light blue with an outfit that's mostly black and gold but I like it.

This maxi is probably the least-embroidered outfit out of the whole collection, and perhaps that's why I like it! I think it has a very summery, outdoor wedding event/party feel to it.

Now onto the more heavier bridals:
My cousin recently had a customised version of this outfit above made for her wedding (some of her alterations were adding sleeves and going for a different shape neckline) I can't post photos I'm afraid, but needless to say she looked amazing - this is definitely not your typical red bridal!

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