Sunday, 6 March 2011

RDC at the Asiana Bridal Show 2011

RDC were another of the asian fashion stores who showcased their collections on the catwalk at the Asiana Bridal Show 2011 in London.

Like two of the other designers before them, they focused on traditional red bridals and white registry outfits, although they did have a bit of variation with the first two purple and geen outfits.
These gowns were really pretty although in some of them the volume in the skirts and lengths of the trains were a bit over the top - check the out the snap I got of the back of the gown above - it doesn't quite look right the netting underneath is even:

I didn't manage to get photos of all the red outfits but like the gowns, they were all about volume in the skirts:
A big thanks to Rafyl Photography and J Dhillon Photography for these photos.


  1. im sorry but that model above the last one is so big. no wonder they used english models, atleast they looked the part. she looks old too!

  2. anonymous - have you looked at the other pics from this show? and if so do you still think the model looks "so big" and "old"?

    Having watched the show in person (from the front row!) I only have praise for the models - they looked the part, were professional and they could walk the walk!

  3. And so what if the model looks the REAL WORLD women are curvy not stick thin


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