Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Rupali the 2011 Manchester Asian Wedding Show

Bolton's Rupali was another one of the catwalk exhibitors at the Manchester Asian Lifestyle Wedding and Fashion Exhibition 2011.

They started off with four lehngas and I liked the striking colours, but there was that feeling that I'd seen designs like these before.
I don't usually like lehngas which are too fully embroidered but out of these four, my favourite would be this blue/green outfit above.

Can't say I liked the menswear pieces too much, perhaps it's the styling and fit but I think these look a bit too restrictive and square around the shoulders.

They finished the show with some party outfits, the churidar suits are pretty but definitely seen them before everywhere! These last two outfits were something different though, according to the Rupali website the correct term for this arabic-style maxi dress is farasha. I managed to locate this exact design too and one of these will cost you £64.

When you take into account the fact that Rupali's outfits are fairly reasonably priced (going by what they have on their website anyway) I'd say that you can excuse the fact that these aren't the most unique designs. I'm not sure about their bridal prices, but with the right styling you could dress these outfits up to make them look that little bit more special.

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