Friday 25 March 2011

Shazia's Bridal Gallery at the 2010 Montage Fashion and Beauty Show in Pakistan

Here's the collection by Shazia's Bridal Gallery which was on show at the 2010 Montage Fashion and Beauty Show which took place in Pakistan last November.

A big thanks to Shahid Malik Studio for these photos.

It was a very subtle collection in terms of colour - with mostly neutral light shades and only a hint of colour:
I'm not such a fan of this first outfit, you can't really see if the top is composed of a separate jacket and a plainer top underneath or whether it's all one top, either way to me it doesn't quite look right.

I think the rest of the outfits look way better - perhaps it's the sleevelessness which makes these look that little bit more chic than the first outfit?

My favourites were these below which had that little bit more colour to them than the others

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  1. I like all her outfits especially the 4th and 5th one, the cut and the way they fall is amazing


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