Sunday, 10 April 2011

Satya Paul's Jewels of the Sea collection at 2011 Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort

"Jewels of the sea" was the theme for Satya Paul's collection at the 2011 Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort, and out of all the designers at this event it was my favourite!

I loved the colour spectrum in this collection, starting with shades of blue (the Ultramarine line), then working into more tropical colours (the MultiMarine line) and finishing with some sophisticated black and white outfits (X-ray Marine).

The majority of outfits were saris but there were a few lehngas, maxis and mini-dresses in there too.
If you look a little closer at each outfit (click to get a larger view) you can see it's the details like the patterns on the fabric that really bring the theme to life. The sari above left reminds me a little bit of Dory from Finding Nemo with it's hint of yellow - and I mean this in a good way! Who'd have thought an outfit based on a tropical fish could look so beautiful!

I love the look of the silky purple and yellow sari above and again I can picture the tropical fish that inspired this colour choice.

The finale showstopper outfit was probably the outfit that most resembled a fish - with scale-like detail on the top half and a ruffled skirt. It definitely had that "wow" factor but personally I like some of the other outfits much more than this one!

Overall I loved the whole collection - I'm starting to become a big fan of Satya Paul and his creations. Sadly I don't own any of his beautiful designs yet but I'm working on that as I recently discovered a store in London called Phulkari that stocks his designs. I'm hoping to visit them next month to see what they have to offer, but in the meantime if you know of any other Satya Paul stockists in the UK let me know!


  1. this is my favorite collection too!

  2. btw you can also order the products you want directly from Satya Paul's online store at


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