Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Asian Fashion Blog guide on how to become a model - part 3: the creative agency view

Following on from my previous posts giving modelling advice (which you can view here: part 1 the fashion spectator's view and part 2 the make-up artist's view) I also spoke to the team at The Model's Portal, a creative agency which represents some of the UK's top asian models, to find out from them what it takes to become a model.

As an agency - what do you look for in a model?
TMP Agency is very keen to on working with models that are various heights and sizes. We look for something unique in a model.
Apart from the obvious; decent height and figure, a model needs to be able to work hard and remain passionate about what they do. They also need to be very versatile and professional as we have a huge range of clients wanting models for fashion, commercial, and beauty.

However we also love our models to be unique, have a personality. All models are different, and even though a lot of the time they will be doing what the client wants, it is important for them to be able to be themselves.

What should model starting out be doing to further their careers?
To start off, a model needs to get some professional shots done to show agencies their range, and how they photograph, etc. Even though it may initially be costly to do this, it is definitely essential to get their foot in the door.
This one of the main reasons we have TMP Studios available for all to come to; we are aware of how much professional photos can cost and therefore do great deals where aspiring models can get high-quality shots for their portfolio. This is done at an affordable rate for aspiring models as our primary concern is getting models out there – making dreams come true.

Tell us a bit more about the services you provide and any of your big success stories
The Models Portal is essentially a creative agency; we provide opportunities for both models and clients. TMP Agency and TMP Studios are wings of the company which run at a great success rate.
For new models, we provide excellent support. Having developed new models over the years we know exactly what will work for you and what won't work.

We also welcome experienced models, especially if they are seeking an agency where they can progress further and feel comfortable.
We aim to have a constant flow of work and opportunities for all our models in a huge variety of media.

For our existing and new clients, it is our ethos to provide them with high-quality creative fashion & event photography. We also provide models for fashion photography, magazines, catwalks. We have provided models for London Fashion Week, Sony BMG, Sony Music, Celador films, Hollywood, etc.
More notably we helped with the casting for Slumdog Millionaire and a large number of our girls have worked with Asiana Magazine & Asian Woman.

Can you give us some insights into the non-glamorous/realistic side to being a model?
The non-glamorous side of the job is the hardwork involved and the rejections you’ll always get. But it’s also rewarding at the same time, because when you overcome these mini mountains you’ll feel even more special when achieving your goals.
Modeling is not easy, you have to make yourself a product.
TMP Agency are fortunate enough to have a personal touch to our agency. We get to know you and know your character and assist you in your decision making within the industry. Meaning we are dedicated to personal development as well as career success. We are the biggest Asian modeling agency in Europe.

How can potential models get in touch with you?
If you think you can model, don’t be scared to approach us. Send us your photos (any photos) and your location/height to: and check out our website:

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  1. rubbish again. sorry for the negetive press. but please use people that know what their talking about.

    tmp is a money making scam. ask the models who 'use' to work for them. ul notice none of them do anymore

    the cheap portfolio deal is good, but work wise they take advantage of u. make you do v.long days, no food, for free. they dont look after their models. the guy that runs it gives false hope to girls, hence why the asian modelling market is over populated with rubbisb models who have niether the height, skill or looks to make it


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