Monday, 30 May 2011

An Indian Wedding in 90210 and Naomi's Beautiful Sari Dress

The season finale on US teen show 90210 aired in the UK this week and what a fab way to end - with an Indian wedding!
The whole thing was a little bit too cliche in my opinion, without ruining the plot for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, there was the scene where the groom says to his parents something that went along the lines of "I know you wanted me to have an arranged marriage like you did...", there were "typical" asian characters like the crazy overly excited male cousin who seemed like he'd never been to a party before and the prudish female cousin who was evidently very uncomfortable being at a raunchy bachelorette party.

But all that aside, I still really enjoyed watching and of course I had my eye on all the asian fashion!

Here's the bride!
The character Ivy is a bit of a tomboy and usually has a very skater/surfer look her everyday wardrobe, so it was a big surprise to see her dressed as an asian bride in very traditional red.
The photo above perhaps doesn't show her outfit off properly but I think she pulled off the look whilst staying true to her character with her hair loose and minimal make-up (aside from those red lips!)

Now onto the wedding guests...or rather just the one wedding guest that by far outshone anything else I saw in the show!
This character, Naomi, is the resident fashionista of the show, and of course she has the most amazing fusion sari dress. Again, I don't think the photo does this dress justice at all, you have to watch the show itself to see how beautiful it looks from all angles and I'm sure I'm not the only person who watched and thought "I want that dress!"

Straight after watching I went off in search of where I could find such a dress, and I found myself on the blog of Kime Buzzelli who is the costume designer for 90210. It turns out this beautiful creation was custom-made just for this episode. You can read about the inspiration and make of this dress here.

Photo credits go to The Moldy Doily and Planning Elegance.

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