Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Asian Fashion Blog guide on how to become a model - part 4: the designer and stylist view

Following on with my blog posts on how to become a model (links to my previous posts on this are included at the end!) I spoke to Ziggi Akhtar, designer of asian groomswear and also a stylist who regularly styles shoots for Asiana Magazine.
Here are his views on what it takes to be a model!

Models for Photoshoots
The choice of model is based on the concept of the photoshoot, often the client/designer/advertiser has a very specific look in mind so to be successful models need to be versatile and adapt to each particular shoot.

Models for Catwalk/Runways Shows
Height is the important thing here. For the catwalk models need to have a fierce attitude and a catwalk-worthy walk. As with photoshoots, models need to fit the brief/concept, so if it's as asian bridal catwalk you need to be able to pull off a bridal look.

The Downsides to Modelling
The hours can be very long, sometimes shoots last the full day with a variety of different looks to be captured in a set amount of time. Here's a video of Ziggi, his models and the Asiana team at work on his latest campaign shoot which appears in the Spring Summer issue of Asiana Wedding Magazine:

Advice for Models Starting Out
It can take longer for newer models to learn the ropes, which is why more experienced models are often used when there's a tight deadline to be met. Still, there's plenty that aspiring models can do to improve, such as studying the images in fashion magazines, practising poses, and doing all they can to learn.

One final tip - this might sound obvious, but if you're going for a casting make sure you look your best, from waxing, threading, plucking to any other beauty regime you follow. As a model you're relying on your body and looks to get a job, so make sure you show off the most polished version of yourself!

A big thanks to Ziggi for his input, for more behind-the-scenes videos from Ziggi's photoshoots join the Ziggi Studio Facebook Fanpage or subscribe to the Ziggi Studio Youtube Channel.

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