Saturday, 25 June 2011

Faiza Samee at the 2011 Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza in London

Here's the collection from Faiza Samee as shown on the catwalk at the 2011 Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza which took place last month in London. A big thanks to photographer Shahid Malik for these great photos.

The show started with these two orange outfits:
Orange isn't usually a colour I'd immediately choose, but I think the shade chosen is not too bright. I like the top one better because it has fitted sleeves and nicer detail on the neckline, not loving the loose sleeves on the second outfit.

After four light-coloured flowing outfits, came these two outfits which I think had a little bit too much going on with them with the print sleeves and different fabric panels. They made a definite contrast to the light flow-y feel to the previous outfits:

I liked the next four outfits, they had that light summery feel but were a bit more formal and I think there was a good balance between embroidery and colour choices:

These next two outfits I liked from the waist up. I don't like the heaviness of what looks like velvet to complete the tops and then to pair that with velvet trousers too ruins the look for me.

I really liked this purple outfit:

This one confused me a bit with all the layers - a long top, a skirt and pajama bottoms too?? and I don't like the way the top sticks out (presumably where the skirt starts underneath?)

They usually save a showstopper for the final outfit, and this did make me think wow, I love the detail on each part of the top, but personally I'm not a fan of tops this long - you can barely notice the skirt (or is it trousers?) underneath.

Which was your favourite outfit?

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  1. where can you buy these clothes in the UK ?


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