Monday, 20 June 2011

Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza 2011 - First look at the Pakistani designer collections

Last month, London held host to the annual Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza. I didn't attend, but this week I received photos from the catwalk from photographer Shahid Malik.

There are over 150 photos which I'll be posting in upcoming posts, but in the meantime, here's a sneak preview from each designer:

Asifa and Nabeel

Truphae's collection included a lot of the outfits they showcased at the Asiana Bridal Show earlier on this year - including the peacock feather finale outfit.

Ambreen Khan

Faiza Samee
Faiza Samee wasn't the only designer to include bright orange on this catwalk!

Asim Jofa

Ayesha Ibrahim

Everyone always pairs gold with red, but I'm loving this gold and blue combination.

Gulzeb's collection included jumpsuits and mini-dresses, but I prefered her more traditional outfits, like this maxi dress.

Shazia's Bridal Gallery
Some of Shazia's outfits looked very over the top to me, but I liked this dress.

Maria B
I'd seen a lot of these Maria B's at other shows, but there were a few new ones in there too. I'm not sure what to make of the jewelled hairbands, they looked good on some of the models and others they were pulled a little too tightly and looked to me like the swimming caps we were forced to wear during swimming lessons at school!

Nickie Nina

Look out for full reviews and photos of each collection coming soon on

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  1. Is it just me or was this whole show not styled very well??... these actually decent pictures, I've seen images from this event where everything from jewelry to dupata are not styled correctly and on top of the hair just looks like a mess, i know messy hair can look high end fashion but this doesn't look high end fashion... i'm a big fan of Pakistani fashion but this representation of it i'm extremely disappointed with.


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