Monday, 25 July 2011

Gulzeb at the 2011 Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza

Gul Zeb, by designer Gulzeb Asif, was one of the designers this year's Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza who I hadn't heard of before. Her collection included jumpsuits, mini-dresses and your more traditional pakistani-style outfits:

Out of these two jumpsuits I prefer the silvery white one on the right, I think it looks a little more flattering than the other one.

This gold outfit was my favourite from this collection, and I quite liked the black and gold outfit which followed, although it looks a little shapeless in this photo.

The show finished with these two halter-neck designs which I'm not really a fan of. This top design works for the models but not sure it would be so forgiving on a "normal" person.

Photo credits go to Shahid Malik Photography.


  1. i would give the designer marks for at least trying something different - and teh western outfits are not bad actually....they wouldnt look out of place in a western boutique.

    i agree the orange outfit looks teh best considering its plain (no bling) but has such impact!

    the casual asian outfits are bland

    but the others are still good especially teh halter neck ones - at the end of the day people pay designer prices to have a unique outfit that you cant get from the countless shops in bham/southall etc...although i wouldnt personally be able to wear that its something different on teh catwalk so draws you to notice them...would give the collection 8/10

  2. how much surgery and botox have these women had>! they look ridiculous

  3. i love these designs, they're so elegant and modern!!
    i think this designer has a great future in front of her and will develop into a true icon of modern pakistan.
    if a farishtah fell from heaven, they'd be dressed by gulzeb

  4. contact her gulzeb.asif@gmail. com her page is also on facebook by name of gulzeb couture

  5. contact her at


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