Monday, 25 July 2011

HSY at the 2011 Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza

Here's the collection by HSY for the Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza 2011.

The show started with these monochrome print his and hers outfits
Don't really like either of these next two outfits, the sleeves on the mens' outfit don't work for me, and with the womens' outfit although I have no problems with the print it looks too loose fitted and a bit masculine.
These next two outfits confuse me a little, is it a sari? is a lehnga?
This was my favourite outfit from HSY, I like the colours, the embroidery and I like the shape...the one thing I'd change if I was to wear this myself would be to have the jacket buttoned-down a little further to cover my stomach, or alternatively wear a longer top underneath. (I've actually found another version of this outfit with a longer top on the HSY facebook page which you can view here)
Now onto the final outfit, which to me looks like it has too much going on, it just doesn't come across as having that elegance of all the other outfits.

A big thanks to Shahid Malik Photography for these photos.

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  1. what can you say about HSY - his collections are always different, he plays with colours embroideries and materials as well as cuts and styles...always changing and giving somethinbg new.

    some are hit and miss but others are extremley wearable (although unfortunatley the price tags wont allow us mere mortals to do that!)


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