Thursday, 1 September 2011

Zooni at the Ardhanginni Indian Wedding Show 2011

Zooni was another one of the designers on the catwalk at the Ardhanginni Indian Wedding Show 2011. Now considering this was an "Indian Wedding" exhibition which took place in the UK, you'd expect to see indian bridalwear and formalwear.
Zooni's collection, however, was full of western-style dresses:
I'm not liking either of these purple dresses, they both look a little bit shapeless to me.

This black dress is a little more flattering though:

As for this dress...perhaps it's an unfortunate camera angle?!

They did have two slightly more traditional-style outfits which were pretty:

I've had a little browse on the Zooni website and surprisingly they do actually have an indian bridal collection, so I'm not sure why they decided to showcase these dresses instead! For anybody that's interested, online retail website sells Zooni dresses, click here to view.

A big thanks to Shahid Malik Studio for these photos.

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