Friday, 21 October 2011

Online Shop Review Bombaypink - asian designer fashion straight off the catwalk

Ever since setting up my interest in purchasing designer name outfits by Pakistani and Indian designers has increased. So when I heard about a new website,, which sells designer fashion straight from the fashion week catwalks I decided to find out more. is a UK based company, which has a number of different asian clothing and accessory designers. Karishma, the Managing Director of the company had this to say:
"We offer an edited collection of high-end designer clothes and accessories from designers who are based in India and the UK, with many of the pieces straight off the catwalks. Our aim is to source the most interesting pieces from the best graduate, emerging and niche fashion designers from around the world."
They're a growing company and are working to get more designer collections stocked and ready for you to buy online. The current list of designers available includes:
- Sougat Paul
- Babita Malkani
- Rachana Reddy
- Mehak Gupta
- Miriam Strehlau
- Deepti Pruthi
- Debarun Mukherjee
- Vijay Balhara

When I was browsing the outfits on site, the stand out pieces for me came from the Debarun Mukherjee collection as seen at this summer's Lakme Fashion Week. very kindly agreed to send me an outfit to review, and they happened to have a piece from Debarun Mukherjee in my size (it's the outfit on the far right in the photo above).

Delivery and Packaging
Delivery in the UK can take up to "5 working days", my outfit took around 2 days from receiving confirmation of shipping. I received one package and inside, each part of the three piece outfit was wrapped separately. The outfit was so well made that there wasn't any worry about embroidery catching or colours running, but I thought it was a nice touch that each piece had its own package just in case.

The outfit itself
Having studied the catwalk photos of this outfit, and Bombaypink's own product image, I was unsure what to expect. Would it look just as pretty in person?
I have to say to looked even better in person, there's so much detail in the outfit that you doesn't even get picked up in the catwalk photos.
The stand-out part of the outfit for is the bead work on the back, it's definitely a reason to wear your hair up with this!

Final verdict
I would definitely shop at again - personally I find them a lot more appealing compared to ordering asian designerwear from international websites and having to figure out different currencies and international shipping prices. All the prices on this website are quoted in pounds sterling and within the UK standard postage will cost you £8. I'm looking forward to seeing more of their designer collections, but in the meantime I'm saving up my Debarun Mukherjee for warmer weather!

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