Monday, 10 October 2011

Rent a Lengha at the Coventry Asian Wedding Exhibition September 2011

I've been covering a lot of international fashion shows lately, and I have lots more to come, but for a change, here are some photos from the catwalk of a wedding exhibition which took place in Coventry last month.

Here's the collection by Midlands-based asian fashion rental company Rent a Lengha. I previously posted a poll on asian fashion blog, asking readers "would you hire a an asian outfit rather than buying?" and at the time of writing this, the poll results stand at 62% saying no, and 37% saying yes - so there's definitely a market for hiring!

This bridal is by Karma

Bridal by Maria B

In addition to bridalwear, they also had some formal outfits on the catwalk:

This black and gold trouser suit is by Sonia Azhar

The purple outfit below is by Zahra Ahmad

I must say I prefer the formal/semi formal outfits to the bridal range they have available. All the bridals seem to be a bit outdated, like the Maria B outfit for example, I tried this very same bridal on back in 2008 when I was doing research for my review of Imani Studio.

Then again, not everyone is as fashion conscious as I am, and perhaps the chance to wear a beautiful designer outfit for your big day, even if it's not from the most recent season is a dream come true for some people. I'd be interested to know if anyone has used this company - leave a comment and share your thoughts!

You can find out more information on Rent a Lengha from the Rent a Lengha facebook page.
A big thanks to ASN Photography for these photos.


  1. I like the idea but the website does not work?? where was this fashion show? Has anyone ordered from they have re done their website, looks good, much better collection.

  2. I used this company very recently, purchased an amazing Lengha for my wedding. What I liked about dealing with this company is that they were extremely helpful and were happy to negotiate to fit within my budget, which helped as I was extremely stressed with my wedding at the time. I did try hire a sari but they are an online boutique and you can't look at, feel or try on any outfits, and they had a limited range of saris and dresses, as compared to rent a Lengha. This company have designer dresses which are very expensive to purchase so to be able to rent these is brill. The blue Maria b one you mentioned is actually £2700 to purchase from imani, I checked as they still stock this as it's a best seller.


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