Sunday, 13 November 2011

Waseem Noor at the 2011 Rhythm of Asia Fashion Show in Manchester

Waseem Noor was another of the designers showcasing his collection at the 2011 Rhythm of Asia Fashion show which took place in Manchester at the end of September.

Credits for these photos go to Muzaffar Photography and credits for the event itself goes to:
Organiser: Vision Events
Catwalk Production: Adore Entertainment
Model Management: Zaf Shabir
Venue: Midland Hotel, Manchester
Outfit Stockist: Imani Studio

Like a lot of the outfits coming out from Pakistani designers at the moment these were all about long flowing tops.

Some of the outfits seemed to have a little bit too much volume which in my opinion made the models look a little bit frumpy

The outfits had various different necklines including this halterneck style below, and the slightly more risque version in the photo after which showed a little bit too much cleavage for my liking:


  1. i quite liked his designs, but some of the flowy ones, im not sure who would wear them as the models wear so tiny and it didnt even flatter them. needs a wee nip in a the waist me thinks :)

  2. Waseem noor is Becoming a good designer...i like all designs and models given above


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