Saturday 31 December 2011

Asian Fashion Blog Review of 2011 - my year in asian fashion!

2011 started as it always does, with a rush of asian wedding exhibitions across the country. This time though, I wasn't just attending out of interest and for blog articles, I had a year packed full of close family weddings to think about too!

January - the Asiana Bridal Show 2011 in London
Ekta Solanki Collection as seen at Asiana Bridal Show 2011
I had the pleasure of a front row seat for the all-important fashion show at this event so I got a great view of all the outfits. Ekta Solanki and Ziggi Studio were my two favourites from this event, read my review of the event here: Asiana Bridal Show London 2011 - first look.

February - The bride with the designer gowns
The first wedding of the year for me was my cousin's. She was every bit the designer bride, from her Jimmy Choo shoes and matching bag to her red and gold bridal outfit by Mehdi and her pastel-shaded Maria B walima outfit.

For privacy reasons I can't share her pictures with you, but this was the Maria B bridal she chose:

Now onto what I wore! Well my outfits weren't anything special really, not like the outfits I blog about, however I did make an extra special effort with my styling and I'm a firm believer that the right hair and make-up can turn an average outfit into an amazing outfit! So here's a little montage of the looks I rocked for this wedding, including the "necklace in hair" look (which personally I think is a little bit overdone right now). Credits go to my hair and make-up artists, Make up by Mus for the green outfit, and Huda Ahmed for the other two looks.
All three outfits were purchased from Southall, London and my necklace/hair piece was from Kyles Collection.

March - Asian Fashion Blog makes its TV debut
Following the success of the tv show "big fat gypsy weddings", BBC Northwest decided to do a feature on asian weddings. The research team at the BBC found my blog, approached me, and the next thing you know I was walking and talking round Manchester's Asian Wedding Exhibition whilst being filmed.

There's no online version of the full show available, but instead here's a link the section of the show which features make-up artist Lubna Rafiq...and for any blog readers who are curious to see what my wedding outfit was like, see if you can spot a blink-and-you-miss-it clip from my wedding video in there too (by the way, Lubna Rafiq didn't do my bridal make-up but they used my clip as an example!)

April - Satya Paul's "Jewels of the Sea" at Lakme Fashion Week
I blogged about a few of the collections at the Summer/Resort 2011 Lakme Fashion Week in India, and my favourite was this collection by Satya Paul.
Perhaps not to everyone's taste, and some of them seemed a tad unwearable, but I loved the theme and the colour inspirations. View more photos from this collection here.

April was also the month the Royal Wedding took place. As sad as this may sound, I was glued to my TV from very early on that morning, keen to see what all the guests, famous and non-famous, would be wearing. I even spotted a few asian outfits at the royal wedding!

May - Asian Fashion Inspiration on US TV Show 90210
When US TV show 90210 featured an Indian wedding in their season finale my eyes were on the fashion. One outfit in particular caught everyone's attention, and even now, months after the show was aired in the UK and even longer before that in the US, I still get hits from people typing variations of "90210 naomi sari dress" into google.
View more outfits from that episode, including the bride, here: An Indian Wedding in 90210.

June - Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza in London
The 2011 Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza took place in London again this year and featured collections from a range of top Pakistani designers including Nickie Nina, HSY, Faiza Samee, Asim Jofa and Maria B. There were over 150 outfits on show so it's almost impossible to choose just one favourite, but looking back at the photos, this gold and blue HSY outfit still makes me think "wow" even after all this time!
View all the collections from this show here: Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza 2011

July - all about the maxi dress
July brought with it two more weddings, both close friends this time. I had a maxi dress in my wardrobe which I'd been saving up for a summer wedding and this was a perfect opportunity to give it a debut.
I actually bought the dress in October 2010 on a random visit to Birmingham. I don't usually make impulse purchases like this, but I saw it, I liked it, it fit without needing any alterations (a rare thing for me!) and I happened to have a spare £250 in my bank account at the time!
Dress from Zoya, hair and make-up by Huda Ahmed.

September - Another family wedding, and a chance to wear my very own Satya Paul sari
September felt like a month-long wedding! There were four separate events, two in London, two in Manchester all spread out from the first to the last weekend in that month.
Earlier on in the year I had purchased my very own Satya Paul sari from the store Phulkari in London, and this event was the perfect opportunity to wear it. I was very pleased with how it looked and I'm so in love with the print.

Photography and Videography for this wedding was provided by Amir Shah, he's created this trailer for the full video which amongst other things, features a little bit of me wearing red at the mehndi!

Gohar & Nishat from Amir Shah on Vimeo.

November - Manish Malhotra collection in Studio 8 Dubai
With all my weddings for the year over, I finally had a little bit of time to take a holiday! My holiday included a short stopover in Dubai and I took this opportunity to visit an asian designerwear store called Studio 8. The highlight of my visit was seeing and touching some of the beautiful outfits by Manish Malhotra. You can read my full review of the visit here: Studio 8 Dubai Shop Review
Outfits from Manish Malhotra at Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2011

December - Chanel does Indian style
The fashion show in Paris for Chanel's pre-fall 2012 collection caught the eye of fashion bloggers all over the world, and even more so for asian fashion bloggers like myself who loved the fact that such an iconic brand took inspiration from asian fashion.
View more of my favourites from the show here.

What I'm looking forward to in 2012
My 2012 is going to start, like 2011 did, with asian wedding exhibitions! I'll be attending The Asian Bride Show and the Asiana Bridal Show, both taking place in London over the same weekend - very convenient for asian brides-to-be and fashion fans who don't live in London!

As well as all the fashion shows and fashion weeks, I'm looking forward to trying out some of many online asian fashion retailers who have appeared recently. I've already tried out, and look out for reviews of asian childrenswear store and make-up store Pure Halal Beauty.


  1. Love your blog - thank you for keeping me entertained in 2011 :)

  2. Awesome post. I loved that 90210 outfit. And I love the looks your wore yourself. You should do more posts about your own asian outfits. Also, the makeup is great.

  3. Thanks SuperSummer and Asiya, looking forward to more blog posts from you two in 2012 :)

  4. Love this, esp the satya paul sari! i totes agree we want more you.. you look fab! ps i used MUS for my brothers wedding and thought she was great x

  5. You look lovely in all of your outfits! I agree, post more of your outfits too! Happy new year xx

  6. Thanks Rabs and Curly Fry, I always feels the asian outfits my wardrobe are too pedestrian to blog about! This year was a bit of an exception with the Zoya maxi and Satya Paul sari, but will try and do some more of this type of blog posting in 2012 :)

  7. Hi!

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy and appreciate the time you put into this blog. I came across it a few years ago trying to look for outfit inspirations. So refreshing seeing blogs on Indian fashion! Thank you & Happy New Year xx


  8. Nazma,

    I love the way you've worn a necklace in your hair - that's a very daring look that not everyone could pull off.

    Did you do your own makeup in the pic with the blue maxi dress?

  9. Thanks :)

    hair and make-up for the blue maxi look was by Huda Ahmed, her link is included in the blog post a bit further up as she was also responsible for making my necklace-in-hair vision come to life

  10. Love this blog! Have long felt Indian designers lead the way in jewellery and accessory design - nice to see Chanel agrees :)

  11. Happy new yesr Nazma

    i have been following your blogs for the last few years, and they seem to be getting better and better, and giving me more inspirations.

    People ask me for fashion advice but all i do is get it all from your blog!

    thankyou for bridging the gap and allowing us to see fabulous outfits that we would not normally have known existed, or the boutiques and catwalks shows and reviews.

    keep it up - but i would say new year resolution for you is to blog more!! xx

  12. Congratulations on this wonderful blog, keep it up. I agree with the previous comments that the outfits you wore above look amazing on you. You should do more.


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