Sunday 18 March 2012

Jawaad and Mona Vora at the 2012 London Asiana Bridal Show

Up next on the catwalk at the Asiana Bridal Show in London was a presentation by the hair and make-up artist for the show - Jawaad Ashraf. They had three models, dressed in outfits by Mona Vora.

I know it's a bit difficult to see the make-up up close in these photos, but if you had to choose which of these looks is your favourite?
I like the last look best - it probably helps that I like this outfit the most out of the three!

Sunday 11 March 2012

Frontier Raas at the Asiana Bridal Show London 2012

Frontier Raas were up next on the catwalk at the 2012 Asiana Bridal Show in London.

They started off with this nude coloured outfit and moved onto some other bold and vibrant single-colour outfits:
This yellow outfit was one of my favourites - it really stood out on the catwalk and I love the colour. I managed to get a photo of the back too:

Up next were these two gowns, again both in bold beautiful colours

They ended the show with some heavier bridal lehngas

Frontier Raas are based in India, and I'm not sure they have a UK stockist, but you can find out more information on how to contact them here.

A big thanks to Studio 4 Photography for these photos.

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