Friday, 13 April 2012

Lenghas at Zarah Sra launch event London

Zarah Sra really did save the best for last with the collection of lenghas she showcased at her launch event.

From more moden, lighter embroidered lenghas like this blue and silver one below, to more lenghas with more traditional work, there was a lot of variety in the styles.

This gold lengha was a personal favourite of mine, I love the glitziness of the top!

Here's a pic of the designer herself, Zarah Sra, posing with two of her models. I'm guessing her outfit may be one of her own designs, that was very pretty too!
Designer: Zarah Sra
Photography: Shahid Malik
Choreography : Jaimal Mistry
Hair & Makeup: Lubna Rafiq
Jewelry: Jazzy Bindi
Supported by: PharmaClinix

View the rest of the show via the links below:
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Zarah Sra anarkali suits


  1. What are the contact details for this designer?

  2. That gold lengha is stunning!

  3. Does anyone know how I can make an appointment with this designer. Can't find any contact details!

  4. nice and lovely. and thanks for the facebook page.


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