Thursday, 17 May 2012

Pakistan Fashion Week London 2012

Pakistan Fashion Week takes place next week in London from the 25 - 27th May. Firstly, I think it's a bit misleading to call it a "fashion week" when it's actually a 3-day event and secondly, calling it "Pakistan Fashion Week" kind of implies that it's an event taking place in Pakistan. Aside from that, it looks like an event worthy of any asian fashion fan!

The venue for this "fashion week" is Kensington Great Hall and on show will be 30 different designers, including Umar Sayeed, Waseem Noor, Rana Noman, Rukhsana Nadeem, Maria B, Guls Style and Deepak Perwani.

Tickets start at £25 and can be purchased online through or the official Pakistan Fashion Week website.

Here are some photos from last year's London Pakistan Fashion Week which took place in September 2011.

Did anyone attend last year? What did you think?


  1. Looking forward to it. Do you know who the makeup artists were for last year's event?

  2. Hi, any pics from the latest show?


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