Thursday, 28 June 2012

Alankar Sarees at Manchester Asian Wedding Exhibition

Here are the (long overdue!) photos from Manchester's Alankar Sarees showcase at the Asian Lifestyle Wedding and Fashion Exhibition which took place in February this year.

They played it quite safe with the colours for their catwalk collection, lots of red bridals and co-ordinating menswear:

These next three were my personal favourites from the collection. I spoke to the team at Alankar and they said they were working on collections which featured Pakistani style cuts paired with Indian style embroidery:

In addition to the bridal catwalk, Alankar also showcased some contempory menswear pieces, which I think would suit more fashion-concious grooms and wedding guests:

Here are some of the pieces Alankar had on show at their exhibition stand:

A massive thank you to Utopia Studios for the catwalk photos. To get in touch with Alankar, you can find out more info on the Alankar Sarees website.

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