Sunday, 5 August 2012

Pakistan Fashion Week London 2012 - Highlights

Pakistan Fashion Week London 2012 took place at the end of May this year over three days. I'm a bit late with posting the photos, but here's a selection of outfits from the catwalk by designers including Maria B, Rana Noman, Zainab Sajid, Deepak Perwani and many more, plus links to where you can see the full collections.

Ammar Belal

This show had "signature pieces from Collections 2010 - 2012". I really liked this outfit and it's something I would wear. View more here: Ammar Belal at PFW London 2012.


Although you can't see it in the outfit above, the collection from Batur featured a lot of animals prints. View the full collection here: Batur at PFW London 2012.

Deepak Perwani

View more from the collection here: Deepak Perwani at PFW London 2012.

Designer Lounge UK

As you might be able to guess by their name, Designer Lounge UK stock a range of different Pakistani designer collections. You can view more from their catwalk show here: Designer Lounge UK at PFW London 2012.


I don't usually like floral prints, but I liked this outfit - it was the only floral print in the collection. View the rest of the outfits here: Falknaz at PFW London 2012.

Guls Style

Gul's Style are regulars in Asiana Wedding magazine, so you might have seen some of these outfits in their adverts. View more here: Guls Style at PFW London 2012.

Maria B

Maria B's collection started off with some stylish but very casual outfits, but she also had some formals in there too including a few very heavily embroidered bridals. I don't really like the messy hairstyling, I think there's a chic way to do a "messy" look and this isn't it! View more from the collection here: Maria B at PFW London 2012.

Nauman Arfeen

I really liked the styling of this collection, view more here: Nauman Arfeen at PFW London 2012.

Opera House

View more from the Opera House collection here: Opera House at PFW London 2012.

Rana Noman

The whole collection by Rana Noman was full of colours in very light shades like this, with just a hint of colour. View more here: Rana Noman at PFW London 2012.

Rizwan Ahmed

This was one of my favourite collections from the whole event, view more here: Rizwan Ahmed at PFW London 2012.

SRA by Sarah Rohale

View the complete collection here: SRA by Sarah Rohale

Waseem Noor

View more from the collection here: Waseem Noor at PFW London 2012.

Zainab Sajid

A visual treat for everybody who attended this event for the bridal fashion element, this collection was full of heavily embroidered bridal outfits. View more here: Zainab Sajid at PFW London 2012.

Photography by Shahid Malik

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  1. I am really disappointed by the quality of pakistani fashion during this fashion week... designers are just not showing enough creativity...same old stuff!


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