Thursday, 16 August 2012

Yuvna Kim Collection Fashion Show

Model, actress and TV presenter, Yuvna Kim recently added "fashion designer" to her already bursting CV and here are the photos from her launch event fashion show.

The collection is inspired by 'The Sixteenth Century' a time of great change for women's Renaissance fashion in the Western world fused with 'The Mughal age'. 'The Mughal Age' not only witnessed the glorious achievements of its emperors and princes, but also that of the princesses, queens and other ladies of the royal Mughal harem and their dress sense.

I really like the red dress in the middle although not sure about the shiny metallic border.

As well as traditional asian outfits like saris, the show also included some western-style white bridal gowns.

These three outfits caught my eye the most and I'd probably wear the first two. I like the high-low (shorter at the front, longer at the back) design of the middle outfit.

Overall I wasn't immediately wowed by the photos of these outfits when I first saw them, the block colour choices aren't really to my taste right now - but on closer inspection I can see the appeal and can imagine these outfits would make an impact when worn off the catwalk.


Designer - Yuvna Kim
Hair & Make-up - Zen Bridal
Photography - Shahid Malik

Here's a video from the event:

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