Monday, 3 September 2012

Junaid Jamshed UK online store review

Last month an email landed in my inbox promoting a "sample sale" for Junaid Jamshed's UK online store. I decided to try my chances at getting a bargain outfit and here's how I got on!

The £1 sample sale had a limited amount of stock, with just one of each item available. I spent some time browsing through the collection to seek out which items they had in a size SMALL and in a size EXTRA SMALL. The majority of sample outfits were in a size MEDIUM so my choices were limited to the following outfits:

With such limited stock I had a feeling I would need to be very quick in order to get an outfit, so I bookmarked the links for my choices and dragged myself out of bed extra early so I was ready and waiting at 6.45am for the 7.00am sale.

By 7.08am I had managed to get the Najya sample in my basket and was ready to check out. It was probably my least favourite of the outfits, but for £1 (+ £6 postage) I didn't have the luxury of being fussy! All the other outfits sold out within a short space of time so I think I was lucky to get anything at all.

The checkout process was fairly easy and quick, the payment was processed through Paypal which I preferred compared to submitting my card details to a website I'd not used before.

A few days later my order arrived. It was nicely packaged and initially I was happy with my order. I liked the detail on the sleeves and the border.

My main issue with this outfit was the fit. Perhaps the style was intended to be loose, and I know I'm petite anyway but I drowned in this, to the point where it would have been a huge waste of fabric to have it altered. I won't be wearing this anytime in the future, but I'm sure I'll find a use for it somehow!

The Junaid Jamshed website have a photo of a model wearing the outfit and it's quite loose fitting on her too:

Overall even though the outfit didn't suit me, I'm glad I got to take part in the sample sale and felt the shopping experience at Junaid Jamshed's UK online store was a positive one.

Did any other Asian Fashion Blog readers grab a bargain in this sample sale? I'd love to hear what you thought!

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