Wednesday, 17 October 2012

National Asian Wedding Show London 2012 Photos

Yesterday I posted some video highlights from last weekend's National Asian Wedding Show in London, and here are some photos so you can view the details up close!

First up was Imani Studio who showcased some asian bridal outfits from Pakistani designers including Maria B.

Up next was textile company Gul Ahmed

After two Pakistani-style collections it was time for some fusion bridal looks with this collection from Seema Sarees
I know loose-flowing styles are in fashion right now, but I still love these dresses with more fitted tops and pouffy skirts!

Designer Lounge brought the show back to the realm of looser, longer and flowing outfits. These were two of my favourites from their collection:

Fusion were next on the catwalk, their collection included traditional-style red bridals as well as some more modern looks


The finale of the show was a collection by Aishwarya which included a range of colours from block colours like hot pink, to more classic colour combinations like red, black and white - all with little details like a mixture of different textures. As someone who looks at a lot of catwalk photos, these outfits were the ones that stood out to me the most at this show.

You can view more photos from the show here: 2012 National Asian Wedding Show London. Photo credits go to Rafyl Photography.

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