Saturday, 5 January 2013

How to wear a Matha Patti

I love hair accessories for asian weddings, and for many asian brides a matha patti (or shingar patti) is their accessory of choice. I'm also starting to see guests wearing them at weddings too.

Here's some inspiration to help you decide what type of matha patti to choose and how to style your hair with it!

Bridal Matha Patti looks

As most brides opt for an up-do on their big day, the most common bridal look for a matha patti is to have all your hair up.

Here are two shingar patti/matha patti looks from Kyles Collection, as seen at one of their catwalk shows. These matha pattis don't have a strand going through the parting/to the back of the head and there's no extra volume added to the hairstyle:

Here are two bridal matha patti looks from the catwalk with some volume added to the front of the hair:

Party/Wedding guest Matha Patti looks

This look is from the runway at the Chanel Pre Fall 2012 show.

Here are some open hair styles worn with a matha patti:
Bollywood actress Amisha Patel wears her matha patti with her hair open and wavy

Radio DJ from Kiss FM Neev also wore her hair curly with a matha patti at the 2012 UK AMAs. Her jewellery was from Bees in London:

Cheska from Made in Chelsea wore this matha patti style headpiece from River Island with straight open hair:

This black and white beaded matha patti style head piece is from Elisha Francis London:

The Maharani's Matha Patti by Kavita Bhartia:

Half Matha Patti styles

This style can also be called a "Pakeezah Jhoomer" inspired by this look from the film Pakeezah:

Here are some more modern ways to wear this style of matha patti.
Kangana Ranaut wore this one by Amrapali at the 2011 Indian International Jewellery Show:

This look is from make-up artist Hamida Patel which take the main focus off centre and has the strands going across the forehead:

This half matha patti style is by Naz Beauty

Hair stylist and make-up artist Nisha has made this video tutorial which goes through things you should consider before buying a matha patti:

And's a pic of me wearing my bridal matha patti, post-wedding, to a themed party, my hair and make-up on this occassion was from Make up by Mus.
I've only re-worn it the once since my wedding, but after writing this blog post I've been inspired to try a new look for my next special occassion!

Check out my pinterest board for more matha patti hairstyles and looks.


  1. Love it on you! You should definitely wear it more often!x

  2. It looks really lovely on you! I love that it looks so sparkly, makes it look like it's made entirely of crystals. I'd love to wear a matha patti, but my head is really small :(

  3. Thank you both :)

    @Curly Fry you should try one, maybe wear it further back in your hair off your forehead if you think your head is too small for it :)


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