Sunday, 24 February 2013

Aamir Naveed hair styling at the Asiana Bridal Show 2013

Aamir Naveed was in charge of hair styling at this year's Asiana Bridal Show in London, and whilst my focus so far covering this show has been the clothes I got a chance to find out more from Aamir himself about the hairstyles he created for the models.

"The build up to the show was very stressful, coming up with a hairstyle that would be practical enough for the show as well as striking and versatile was a major challenge. Me and the team worked very hard coming up with look and perfecting it. We ended up with a look that worked with every concept on the catwalk; Vintage, traditional, medieval, spanish. the hair worked with all the accesories and brought the looks to life. "

Here's how the hairstyles looked with two different hair pieces from Kyles Collection:

"When it came to the day of the show we where were all very calm collective and relaxed, on a reduced time constraint of 2 and half hours for 16 models we beat the clock and all the models where ready on time, We where in sync with the makeup team which meant all the girls where ready for a final rehearsal before the show commenced."

This backstage photo was taken by Momtaz from the Asiana team, read her review of the show here (warning, here blog includes a photo of me suffering from a rather bad eye infection!)

Here are some of the other varying hair accessories from the show, from fascinators to tiaras and tikkas all of them worked with this hairstyle.

"The hair stayed throughout all 4 shows, regardless of the tight neck lines and heavy dupatas, my team where prepared for any hiccups and fixed any flaws effortlessly."

Aamir Naveed also worked his hairstyling magic on the models at last year's Sabyasachi fashion show in London and more recently Asiana's Expo 2013:

View more of Aamir's work over at his facebook page: Aamir Naveed Hair
Photo credits go to Rafyl Photography.

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