Saturday, 23 February 2013

Khushbu Fashions online store review

Khushbu Fashions have been in my bookmarks list for some time although I'd never ordered anything from them before. When they got in touch with me recently I took the opportunity to try them out.

Their casual outfits start from as low as £15.95 with their more dressier outfits going up to around £250.

Hina from Khushbu recommended I pick something from their Valentines Day red and black collection and I chose one of their more casual outfits which was priced at £39.99:
I chose this dress because I liked the simplicity of it and the detail on the back.

A few days later my outfit arrived in the post and it was time to see how it looked on a real person!
Overall I was really happy with the outfit, even with the bad lighting and my complete lack of accessorising in the photo above! I picked a size 8 and was happy with the fit - you can never be too sure with sizes when ordering asian outfits online but I found the size to be true to the size guide on their website.

I also think their prices are reasonable too - I would definitely consider ordering from them again!

Here are some outfits from their Gul Ahmed Collection which are priced at £65 - £75


  1. a very bad experience - I ordered the goods the delivery was on time. The fit was very bad ,returned the goods same day by interlink express. They have signed for the goods and claim that they have not received the goods and are not refunding money. they are also not replying to any emails it has been 7 weeks since goods were returned.

  2. The fit on these outfits are ridiculous...completely inconsistent a size 8 is more suited to a childs or size 4.
    I have been trying to refund items and they are rude, aggressive and obnoxious.
    I would NEVER ever ever buy from here again.
    Their terms and conditions are illegal and they do not abide by consumer and distant selling laws.

  3. I am confused from the picture above you have 3 different gap, yet you claim you are happy with the fit????????????????? The design is nice but it doesn't fit you


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