Monday, 11 February 2013

Kyles Collection at the 2013 Asiana Bridal Show

Kyles Collection were sponsors of the catwalk at the 2013 Asiana Bridal Show in London, and as well as having their jewellery featured among a lot of the bridal outfits and groomswear, they also had their own segment on the catwalk to showcase some of their pieces.

It's no secret that I'm a fan of Kyles' jewelled hair pieces, tiaras and matha pattis/shinga pattis and this jewellery showcase did not disappoint!

As well as bridal jewellery, Kyles also showcased a selection of pieces for grooms and this is the first time I've seen Kyles pieces on younger members of the bridal party - I thought this was a nice touch!
The model above wears the "Inadan" style set, here's a link to the matha patti which costs £380: Inadan Matha Patti.

A lot of the pieces are available to buy online but others, such as the belt show with this outfit would need to be ordered in store.

I really like the belt on this groom's look too, I think it really completes the outfit.
The female model above wears the "Sawana" set, as with most of Kyles pieces, there are various different options to go with each style, such as a choice of earrings, necklaces and other accessories. Here's a link to the necklace, which is one of Kyles' more expensive pieces coming in at £790 - Sawana Rani Haar.

I love the back of this necklace - it's a great piece for a strapless dress:

The finale piece wasn't even a piece of traditional jewellery - it was more like a full-on part of the dress design.
I tweeted this model, Hammasa, to ask what her favourite outfit from the whole Asiana Show was, and she picked this Kyles look!

If you love these hair accessories as much as I do, check out my blog post on different ways to wear a matha patti.
Photo credits go to Rafyl Photography and Studio 4 Photography.

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