Friday, 29 March 2013

Mongas at the 2013 Asiana Bridal Show London

Mongas collection at the 2013 Asiana Bridal show in London started with a celebrity element - a "perfomance" by music producer Rishi Rich and accompanied by his wife Manrina strutting her stuff on the catwalk.

Rishi and Manrina's wedding was featured heavily in Asiana Magazine and on their website, so maybe that's why they were invited to take part in the show. However for me it didn't have that celebrity "wow" factor and all I can remember from Rishi's musical performance was Coldplay's song "Paradise" so it wasn't exactly original.

Anyway, her dress was pretty, not a colour I'd choose personally but it suited her.

Now onto the rest of the outfits! I liked the purpley-pink colours of the first four outfits.

More long dresses/evening gowns followed, but these were in much lighter colours and the styling of them with fascinators gave them a registry feel.

I liked the sheer part at the top of this dress:

I like the top of this dress, but the bottom seems a little too heavily embroidered for my liking, you almost lose the shape of the dress underneath it all!

The middle outfit in this next photo was a standout for me from the whole show - there was nothing like it from any of the other designers.
I loved the colour combination and the high-low element of the skirt (I'm still on the hunt for a high-low churidar suit for myself).
However I do wonder who would wear this, and what occassion they would wear it to.

Photos credits go to Rafyl Photography and Studio 4 Photography.

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