Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Nicky B at the 2013 Asiana Bridal Show

Nicky B was one of the newer collections on the catwalk at the 2013 Asiana Bridal Show. I remember visiting their exhibition stand and admiring their designs at the 2011 Asiana Wedding Show so it was nice to see their outfits on the catwalk.

I loved this first sari, love the colour combination of silver/grey with peach and the detail on the back of the blouse.

As pretty as they were, in my eyes most of the other outfits didn't compare to the first, and some of the tops seemed a bit too skimpy for my tastes.

These next two outfits were my least favourite, maybe it's the styling or the colour contrasts but either way I wouldn't pick these out to wear personally.

I like the colour contrasts on this next outfit, and I like how the floral design on the blouse is more concentrated on the back. I would wear this (with a few alterations to the blouse to have my top half covered up a bit more!)

The last two outfits were more gown-style, both pretty and nice to show some of the diversity in what's available ftom Nicky B.

Which is your favourite from this collection?

Photos credits go to Rafyl Photography and Studio 4 Photography.

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