Sunday, 21 April 2013

Fashion at the Asians Awards 2013

This Asian Awards took place in London this week. I don't know too much about the event itself, but I kept a close eye on the red carpet to see all the outfits and here's my rundown!

My first impressions from the event was that there was a distinct lack of asian fashion, it was The Asian Awards after all so you'd think this would be an opportunity to wear something with at least a hint of asian inspiration instead of a normal evening gown.

Here's Preeya Kalidas in a black backless dress by Gorgeous Couture:
There's no denying she looks good, but for me this outfit would be complete with a statement accessory, like a hair piece or one of those necklaces trails down your back.

Speaking of hair pieces, DJ Neev from Kiss FM was one of my favourite looks from the event (minus the bag!) her hairstyling and matha patti really completed the look for me.
The 3rd Asian Awards

Here's what Eastenders star Nina Wadia wore, it's not my favourite asian outfit ever, but I like it on her and I think it's appropriate for this event.

Elen Rivas and Emma Noble both went for light/nude coloured outfits with cleavage!

Film director Gurinder Chadha...I have no words...

Tasmin Lucia Khan's outfit was a fusion-style gown, and whilst I like that she didn't for go for a normal evening gown I don't think it's very flattering on her.

Another of my favourites was TV presenter Alka whose dress was from Topshop!

I like the embroidery on this dress worn by designer Nina Naustdal, I'm assuming it's one of her own designs
The Asian Awards 2013

You can view more pictures from the event over on their Flickr account here.

What did you think of these fashion at this awards show?

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