Sunday, 5 May 2013

Rizwan Ahmed at Alchemy Fashion Show London 2013 | Photos + Video

Rizwan Ahmed was the final designer to showcase a collection at the 2013 Alchemy Fashion Show in London. Here's a closer look at the dresses and video from the finale showing how the dresses move.

I like the detail on the backs of the dresses:

As much as the "swishiness" of these gowns looks great on the catwalk, I do have to wonder how much swishing around a real person wearing these dresses would do!

The collection also included some dresses with less layers to show off your legs:

Here's a video from the end of the show, including the designer himself on the catwalk:

Hair - Nisso International
Make up - Sadaf Khan
Photography - Shahid Malik
Produced - Riwayat

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  1. I've seen this collection at Bombay Stores. They are selling his entire collection


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