Tuesday, 10 September 2013

An Indian Wedding on New Girl

This evening, the season finale of New Girl will be on TV in the UK and anyone who's been watching the series so far or has seen the trailer for this episode will know it features an Indian wedding!

I don't know how the episode goes, but I have seen the outfits and here's what I think!

The Bride - Cece:
Cece is almost unrecognisable dressed in her bridal outfit compared to how the character is usually dressed, and it's not just the clothes - throughout this series and the last she's always been seen with straight hair and a blunt finge:

What do you think of her bridal dress? I think when TV shows portray asian weddings they always give the bride a very traditional look, rather than some of the more modern outfits which real brides actually choose. I'm just not sure this very traditional bridal look fits in with what I imagined the character would wear.
From far away, I don't really like the circle embroidery design on the top - I think it causes the necklace to get a bit lost, even if it looks nice close up.

I like this sari that Cece wore in last week's episode:
I think it's the gold sparkly blouse that does it for me...I really need to get myself a sparkly blouse to go with my saris!

The bride's best friend: Jess
I don't hate this sari, but I don't really like the colour, and as the bride's best friend I was expecting something a bit more glamorous.

When I posted a teaser photo on Twitter, a few people agreed with me:

What do you think of New Girl's take on an Indian wedding and did you like the outfits?


  1. I wasn't keen on her bridal outfit either (or Jess' sari) - they're both stunning women and the outfits didn't really do them any favours, and looked a bit boring.

    Cece is unrecognisable without her amazing hair - I would have loved for her to worn a simpler, striking outfit like a one piece ballgown or something!

  2. I really like Cece's saree, It's very nice but her bridal out if meh and tacky. And Jess' saree is errrrr, I don't know who approves wardrobe choices here. It's just bad bad bad. I find that generally American (including Asians) have a very tacky tastes in asian clothes. It's like their stuck in an unfashionale era and can't get out. Rant over :D


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