Tuesday, 1 October 2013

First look at the Asiana Couture Catwalk Show with Omar Borkan Al Gala

On Sunday night I found myself at the Grosvenor Hotel in London for the Asiana Magazine Couture Catwalk Show.

The venue was very grand, with a cross-shaped catwalk and of course the usual restrictions on who could sit where. With my blue "VIP" wristband, I was better off than most of the other attendees, but still struggled to get a seat at the very front and my photos didn't come out very well!

The show itself was billed to start at 8pm, but after a fair bit of waiting around, it eventually all started just after 9pm, with an introduction by BBC Asian Network DJ Nihal and presenter Tasmin Lucia Khan.

When the show did start, I was disappointed, it really wasn't up to the standards of Asiana's annual Bridal Shows.

To start with, the music was disjointed in places and some of the tracks chosen made me feel like I was in a dance club, rather than watching a "couture" fashion show.
I liked the styling of the clothes, but for some of the segments the models were walking too fast, and didn't cover all four areas of the catwalk, meaning there were a lot of outfits which I only saw from a distance before they swished away out of sight!

At the end of the show, all the models returned and the catwalk was filled with smoke as Omar Borkan Al Gala made his way on stage!

He did a little question and answer session with Nihal and Tasmin, which I found to be a little cringeworthy, but I'm sure his fans loved...apart from the moment when he was asked about being faithful and replied "no"...and quickly corrected to "yes" upon hearing the dismay from the crowd!

After the show, VIP ticket holders were treated to an after party featuring tasty food from event sponsor Madhu's, a dancefloor and the chance to mingle with Omar himself.

I couldn't leave without getting a photo with Omar, but by the time I'd finished at the buffet, he was whisked away behind a barrier and a large crown of people formed, I was about to call it a night when I spotted Momtaz from the Asiana team...

Momtaz and Sarwar from Asiana very kindly gave me and my friend access to have a picture taken with Omar by one of the official photographers. I'm still waiting to receive my official photo, but here's one which was taken on my camera:

Photo taken, we made it back to my friend's flat for 2am, and I managed around 3 hours sleep before I had to get up and ready for my train back to Manchester!

Overall, the fashion show could have been better, but the after party made attending the event all worth it!

I'll be writing about each of the designer collections in detail soon, but for now, here are some of the photos I snapped of the show:

Khushboos by Chand:

I love this outfit by RDC:

Variety Silk House

Monga's collection made up the finale and some of their outfits were accessorised with hair pieces by Louis Mariette:

Fans of Omar Borkan Al Gala will be pleased to know he's visiting various cities in the UK, with visits to Bombay Stores in Bradford and East Z East Restaurant in Manchester scheduled this week on Thursday 3rd October. Find out more details about his tour here.

Did you attend the show, what did you think?

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