Saturday, 2 November 2013

Made in Chelsea, the Bollywood Party

This week saw a lot of asian fashion on TV in the UK as reality show "Made in Chelsea" featured a Bollywood-themed party, complete with stereotypical "screw in the lightbulb" dance moves!

Popular asian bridalwear designer Ekta Solanki dressed most of the cast, with hair and make-up provided by Lubna Rafiq Agency, you'll see that some pulled off the look better than others! Here's a lowdown on the outfits and what some of the same dresses look like on models:

Not one of my favourite designs by Ekta Solanki, I couldn't find an exact photo of this same outfit on a model/bride, but I found something very similar. For the most part I think she looked good, although I nearly changed my mind after seeing the final scenes of her stood at the bar with it draped very badly on the floor!

 I really liked this outfit on her, the colour suited her and she looked comfortable in it.

First of all the nose ring/nath was probably a bit too much for an occassion like this, and it was used as a talking point/part of the storyline for Phoebe and Lucy to insult each other! As for the dress...too much cleavage! I don't think it really suits her and even on the model it's one of those dresses that needs every single element to be co-ordinated for it to look good. I think it might have looked better with her hair more open.

The Guys
I liked how most of the guys looked in their outfits (some of which you may recognise as they're by Ziggi Studio), although my least favourite would be the brown sherwani worn by Jamie, I just don't think it suited him!




I really like this outfit and think you can't really go wrong with it, it's just a shame you didn't get to see the full vibrancy of the lehenga in the dark setting of the party.

Victoria's outfit was from Bibi London and I think she worked the "bollywood" look better than any of the other cast members. This was definitely a favourite of mine!

Did you watch the show? Which were your favourites and least favourite?
A huge thanks for Lubna Rafiq Agency for the backstage photos.

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  1. I would love to have my 30th bollywood party just like made in chelsea send me more information where I can find outfits and decorations, please. xxx


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