Wednesday 4 December 2013

Daminis at Asian Bride Live

Here's the collection by London store Daminis which was showcased at the 2013 Asian Bride Live Show.

These three were my favourite outfits, I love the colour combinations and the little details like the short capped gold sleeves on the left outfit.

Here's a closer look:

This next outfit was my least favourite, I really don't like the top, it almost feels like it doesn't match the rest of the outfit?

This black and gold dress was another favourite of mine:

A huge thanks to Shahid Malik Photography for these photos.

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  1. I saw the pretty black and gold dress in Damini's store last week, and was going to post about it when I saw this - really like the dress! I'm a fan of their maxi dresses, but less so of their lenghas to be honest, they don't appeal to me as much.


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