Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sapana Amin collection at online Asian fashion store Scarlet Bindi

Scarlet Bindi is a new online asian fashion store aimed at shoppers in the UK. They stock a range of designers including well known names like Satya Paul and Payal Singhal, as well as emerging talent and designers you might not have heard of, here's a closer look at one these designers - Sapana Amin.

Sapana Amin

When I started browsing through the outfits on Scarlet Bindi, this was one designer who really stood out to me and I fell in love with their floral prints:
You can buy this one as a set for £375, or purchase the blouse on its own for £110:

This one with a plainer blouse is £415:

The collection isn't all about florals though:
The mint green and black lehenga is £375 and the pink and black style is £405.

These three suits range from £310 - £370 and I think they offer something a bit different. You could imagine wearing the first two as dresses on their own.

No collection would be complete without some saris, the tie-dye sari is £385 and the orange brocade sari, which comes with the embroidered belt shown, is £260:

View the full collection from Sapana Amin at Scarlet Bindi and check out an interview with the designer herself over on the Scarlet Bindi blog here.

Which is these outfits would you buy?

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  1. Hi Asian Fashion Blog,

    I just wanted to thank you for putting up such an amazing feature on your blog of my work and saying such nice really means alot to me. I cant express how happy i am to see this. All the hard work i have put into this business, starting from scratch working on my own all seems worth it when i receive such wonderful feedback on my work.
    Thank you once again:-)



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