Saturday, 7 June 2014

My Style - Raishma Ready To Wear 2014

Over the last two weeks I've had two weddings in two different cities, followed by a week abroad. It's all been very hectic, but I'm finally getting round to some asian fashion updates for you, starting with a review of my new outfit from Raishma's 2014 Ready To Wear collection.

I got some positive feedback when I posted a teaser pic of the outfit on Twitter last month, read on to see how I wore it!

First of all, I was surprised at how glitzy the outfit was when I received it. It looked sparkly enough in the pictures on the website, but in person it really had so much more "wow" to it.

The second thing I noticed much more about this dress when I saw it up close was how the sequin work went from a silvery shade at the top, to a more blue colour at the bottom. Here's a close up of the blue sequin detail:

Here's how it looked when I first tried it on:

When holding it up in your hands, the outfit feels quite heavy, but once I had it on, it felt really comfortable, the inside lining is a soft stretchy fabric and prevented any itchiness which can sometimes occur with outfits which have this much detail on them.

I don't have a lot of bodycon/figure hugging outfits in my wardrobe, and this is the only asian outfit I have in this silhouette, so it was definitely something different for me. Here's how it looked from the back:

When it came to wearing it for the wedding, I was tempted to add some more sparkle with big jewellery and accessories, but as it was an evening event I thought I'd go for more of an understated look. I decided to let the dress shine and all I wore was my pearl ear cuff from Strand of Silk.

At the wedding itself, most of the other guests had outfits full of volume worn with big hairstyles. I definitely stood out for the right reasons. I didn't get many pictures from at the wedding itself, but here's a few more:

I can't wait to wear this again, maybe at a non-asian event next time!

Raishma also have this outfit in "champagne" colour, check it out here, both are priced at £175. It's worth following Raishma on Twitter to get updates on discounts and sales.

I was provided the outfit as a gift from for this blog post but the views expressed here are my own opinions.

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  1. You look gorgeous! The silhouette is great on you. Not sure about the price of the outfit though....something my mother in law can sew up in an hour in my opinion :D


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