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Asian outfits for children - review of the new collection from Rajas and Ranis

Just in time for Eid and any late summer weddings, my sister Afshan shares her review of the new asian fashion childrenswear collection by Rajas and Ranis.

I first came across Rajas and Ranis when Nazma blogged about them a few years ago (you can view that post here), although it wasn't until last year when I was struggling to find something special for my 4-year-old daughter to wear to a family wedding, that I decided to take a closer look at their offering.

In Store Shopping Experience

All it took was a quick browse of their website and I was instantly besotted with a cute little green and blue lenhga, similar in style to the orange and black lengha in the photo above. I wasn’t sure about what size to order as my daughter (let's call her Mini) is taller than average for her age. At the time, Rajas and Ranis had a physical store location in Preston so we visited to take a look at the collection in person.

I wasn’t disappointed! The range isn’t huge but I liked almost everything I saw. The customer service in store was great. We were left alone to browse but the lady in store was very helpful with sizes and other suggestions. The outfits themselves were all really nicely sewn and neatly finished off. That day I bought the lengha I'd seen online and a full length dress which was on sale at the time.

Mini with her Rajas and Ranis shopping bags

We spent a little more than intended during that visit, including matching bracelets, and I have to say these outfits are a bit pricey, but as it was for a special occassion and because we loved the designs and the quality we couldn't resist. I especially liked the attention to detail on the outfits such as a hidden zip in the gown and charms hanging from the waistband of the lengha.

The blue and green lengha
In order to make sure we got as much wear as possible from the lengha, we bought it in a larger size and rolled up the lenhga at the top the first time she wore it.

In terms of wearing the outfits, as I mentioned before, the embroidery was all neatly finished off, so there was no snagging on other parts of the outfit or anyone else's clothes!

Here's Mini in the green dress with Nazma:

Online Shopping Experience

Last month I started to think again about buying a new asian outfit for Mini for the upcoming wedding season. I didn't even bother looking anywhere else and went straight to the Rajas and Ranis website.

They don't have a store location anymore, which is a shame, so when I'd shortlisted the outfits that I liked, I emailed them for some advice on what was available. I got an immediate response and felt reassured about ordering online from them.

My only issue with the website is the size guide, which took me a while to get my head around, I wish there was an easy to understand the diagram or perhaps a video guide for the "baby brains" like me.

After much deliberation, I decided on the midnight blue and gold gown in the first picture above and some bracelets to match. I was so excited when the parcel arrived!

My order from Rajas and Ranis

Here's a more grown up Mini in the dress, doesn't it look great!

Overall, I think if you’re after something a little more elegant than the usual shops then this is definitely the shop for you. I’ve already got my eye on a few more pieces from their collection and they also have boyswear too!

Visit their website here: and check out the Rajas and Ranis Facebook page for upcoming offers and discounts - they have a competition on at the moment to win a gift voucher.

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