Sunday, 13 July 2014

Faryal Makhdoom on Viya Magazine Issue 8

Here's the latest cover of Viya Magazine with Faryal Makhdoom Khan as their cover star:

My first observation is that she isn't instantly recognisable, if I saw this on a magazine stand, and I couldn't see her name on the cover, it would take me a few minutes to realise it's her.

From the feedback received on her wedding and walima pictures, her fashion and beauty choices always tend to split opinion! So what do you think of the cover?

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Makeup by Zaiba Khan
Outfits by Zeba'ish London 
Jewellery by Kyles Collection


  1. She's been airbrushed beyond recognition! I think she's a very pretty girl and there's absolutely no need to alter her face like this.
    What's really sad is that this is just a reflection of how Asian brides seems to want to look (e.g. like someone else and not themselves). I know makeup is subjective but I feel it's gone a step too far when you are no longer recognizable as you.

  2. There is just too much makeup going on there! Faryal is really pretty, but I've rarely seen a picture of her looking natural. Shame, as she really doesn't need all that slap!


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