Sunday, 20 July 2014

Zaheer Abbas Collection at PFW 6 London

Another of the standout collections for me at Pakistan Fashion Week 6, which took place in London in May, was by Zaheer Abbas. What I liked about the collection, was that even though it had plenty of long-flowing dresses, there were also a number of styles which had shorter tops.

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I like how the bottom of these two outfits has been kept quite a plain/neutral colour, it really make the tops stand out. Had these tops been paired with another bold colour I think this might have been too much:

Again with this outfit, they've kept the top quite plain in colour and really let the red trousers shine. This outfit says "fun/party" to me, the kind of thing you could wear to a pre-wedding party maybe? I like it a lot! It's definitely getting adding to my "peplum styles in desi fashion" pinterest board!

Another short shirt, but this time, a heavier more formal outfit. I'm not the biggest fan of this particular shade of blue, but I like the design on the top with the collars and "buttons" going down the front like a real shirt. I think you could also re-wear this top with plain trousers or palazzo pants.

Ok enough of short tops, here's their collection of long flowing gowns!
You really can't go wrong with a green and gold colour combindation! What I like about this one, is that at some angles (like the picture on the right) the gold trousers underneath are barely visible, almost like a surprise element to the outfit.

These were some of the heavier bridal style outfits:

What did you think of the collection? And are shorter tops making their way back into your wardrobe?

PFW6 London Event Credits:

Event Produced by : Riwayat LTD
Photography: Shahid Malik
Head Stylist: Huma Tahir
Supported by:
Make up: Taniya Khan and Team.
Hair: Sofia Qayyum and Team


  1. My sisters and I LOVED this collection, we really liked the green maxi dress with the gold trousers, simple yet very elegant (one of them wants to wear it to my mehndi, no idea if she will be able to get it though!)

    1. I think Onitaa in central London has this collection, if you're looking for a UK stockist :)

    2. Ya @nazma afb are u right. i have all type of Pakistani designer's dresses for wedding and fashion shows. if any one want dresses first see collection of my websites


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