Sunday, 17 August 2014

Cape style asian outfits

You've probably seen a lot of asian outfits with jacket-style tops - it's a look which has caught my eye a lot lately! But another similar trend which you may not have seen so often are cape-style asian outfits.

Here are some of my stand-out caped asian outfits!

Gaurav Gupta India Couture Week 2014

Worn by here by Shradha Kapoor, this dress was the final outfit at Gaurav Gupta's 2014 Indian Couture Week Show. The dress on its own would have looked great, but add the matching cape, with just the right amount of embroidery around the shoulders and this looks regal!

HSY Capes

Pakistani designer HSY has featured a few capes in his recent collections, this first bold chevron-striped outfit, from Fashion Pakistan Week 2014 in Karachi, is such a contrast to the Gaurav Gupta cape dress. I love that the inside of the cape is red and I'm pretty sure it's meant to be seen peeking through!

Off the catwalk, Pakistani actress Meesha Shafi wore this HSY cape over a sari at the 2014 ARY Film Awards. I love the colour contrast between the cape and relatively plain sari:

I've not been a fan of all of HSY's caped creations though, this one is a demonstration that capes don't look good with everything - don't try this look from the HSY Summer 2013 PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week collection!

Anamika Khanna Capes

A designer whose outfits can often be seen on Bollywood celebrities like Sonam Kapoor, Anamika Khanna's cape creations tend to be shorter and more sheer than the other capes I've posted so far. These three are from her 2013 Delhi Couture Week show:

Madam Tinzin

This outfit I came across completely by chance whilst having a browse on Pernia's Pop Up Shop. The rest of the capes I've posted so far (excluding the bad HSY example!) have been quite dramatic looks, this one shows how a cape can look good on a plainer outfit:

Some of my favourites from non-Asian designers

I thought I'd finish with some of my favourite cape dresses from non-asian designers:

Zuhair Murad

Elie Saab

Alexander McQueen

Would you wear a cape?

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  1. Love the Zuhair Murad and Elie Saab's! That first Zuhair Murad is just jaw dropping beautiful.


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