Sunday, 21 September 2014

My new anarkali dress from 7aat Rang in Birmingham

Last weekend I attended the engagement of a close family member and I left it to the very last minute to find an outfit! Thankfully, I had a visit to Birmingham scheduled in for the weekend before and managed to find this ready-made anarkali dress from the shop 7aat Rang on Stratford Road.

Read on to see the close up details and how I wore it!

My visit to Birmingham didn't start on Statford Road; my first stop was Ladypool Road and there were plenty of outfits I liked the look of, but most of them were made-to-order and they were out of my price range (my maximum budget was around £250).

The in-store experience

7aat Rang was the second shop we went into on Stratford Road and at first all I saw was net-style anarkali suits, you know the type I mean, you probably have a few in your wardrobe (I know I do!) and if you don't know what I mean, then this google image search offers plenty of examples. As beautiful as this style of outfit is, I'm in no rush to buy another and I wanted something a little different.

Then I came across a dark orange/rust coloured, full-sleeve long dress which looked and felt different. It was a size 34 - perfect for me and I decided to try it on. The assistant in the shop was helpful, without being too pushy/salesy. I wasn't 100% sure about the dress when I tried it on, and my husband wasn't too keen on the cuff detail on the sleeves.

The assistant mentioned they had similar dresses in other colours and I tried a green and pink version on, sleeveless with a v-neck and a high collar. This one I knew for definite I didn't want to buy and I said I'd re-try on the orange/rust coloured dress again to make a decision and then she suggested the outfit I eventually bought.

The only problem was this dress was one size too big - a 36 and we didn't have time to get it altered in store. It wasn't too unfitted though and I took it anyway, knowing my mum would be able to make any adjustments needed! The outfit was on sale, I'm not sure of the original price, but the sale price was £150 and well within my budget.

The outfit up close

Here's a close up of the front and back:

Beneath the lace layer of the dress is a sequinned layer which gives a subtle gold shimmer to the overall look:

Here's a close up of the border:

How it looked on the day

Overall I was really happy with the look and even though it probably could have done with being a bit more fitted, that's totally my fault for leaving that job to the night before!

I kept my hair, make-up and accessories really toned down, after all, it was an engagement and not a wedding! I tried out a make-up artist I've not used before, Laila Choudhury, and was really happy with the look:

I know a lot of ladies can do their own make-up like this in their sleep...but I'm someone who needs a little help, especially when it comes to dealing with my problem areas! And besides, it takes the stress off (and saves a lot of time) having someone else do it for you.

What do you think of the overall look?

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  1. This outfit is soo pretty!
    You look great, it really suits you!
    I love how the bead work is not too over the top, and the sequin layer is divine!
    B'ham here I come!


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