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Sabyasachi Floral Jacket inspired outfits

India designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee opened India Couture Week in July this year with a show set up as a vintage indian railway (scroll to the end of this post to see a video!). Two outfits from this collection stood out to me - two long floral jackets, and now I'm seeing very similar designs in the UK asian stores too, here's a closer look at the original designs, the copies, where you can get them and how much they'll cost you!

Photo via The Delhi Bride

The Original Sabyasachi Designs

Off the catwalk, these jackets have been featured in a number of magazine photoshoots, including the cover of Harper's Bazaar Bride worn by Anushka Sharma:

A soft pink version of the jacket as featured in Elle India:

The deep red and white version of the jacket took the spotlight in this photoshoot with the designer himself:

Kalki Koechlin wore the it on the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival (I must say I don't think these photos of her in the dress really do it justice though!)

Here's how the jacket looks when styled open - as seen in Vogue India:

Copies of these Sabyasachi jackets in the UK

The first copy I came across of this jacket, was at the Asian Bride Live show which took place in London in October.

Amaya London showcased a copy of the red and white version, with a more conservative neckline than the original.

Photo by Aliway Photography

When I first saw this photo, I wasn't sure if it was a copy or an original, so I sent them a message via their Facebook page to ask. I've been dying to get some Sabyasachi in my wardrobe and have a big event coming up next year which could potentially justify a little splurge!
They got back to me pretty quickly, to let me know it was a replica of "the same quality as the original". Their asking price for this was £2,750.

I don't know how much the original costs, but as an indication of prices Pernia's Pop Up Shop has original Sabyasachi saris and lengha saris priced at under £1,000. When you consider this, £2,750 for a copy is very expensive!!

The next time I came across another copy of the jackets was when browsing the latest Asiana Wedding Magazine in this Winter-themed ad for Mongas:

I rang up the Mongas store and as soon as I'd described the outfit she said "oh yeah, the Sabyasachi copy" and went to check the price for me. To buy the in-store sample, it would be £900 and to have it made-to-measure would be £1,200.

These prices are way more reasonable for a copy than Amaya London's, although probably still a bit too much for my budget!

As promised, here's the video of Sabyasachi's India Couture Week Show 2014, these jackets are on show from 15 minutes 35 seconds in.

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  1. I love the versatility of this jacket.
    It's so pretty but could be thrown on top
    of any outfit to jazz it up.
    Downside: the price!


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