Wednesday, 18 March 2015

High-Low Hemline suits by Payal Singhal and Faika Karim

This style of high-low hemlines first came to my attention during Payal Singhal's Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2014 collection and again at their Spring Summer 2015 Wills India Fashion Week Show.

Here's some of the different styles by Payal Singhal, on the catwalk, on celebrities and in photoshoots:

More recently I spotted the trend on the catwalk in Pakistan in a collection by Faika Karim. She had two outfits on show at the 2015 Telenor Fashion Weekend:

I paid a recent visit to Faika Karim's flagship store in Bradford a few weeks ago and got to try both of these outfits on for myself. I went on a Saturday and the small shop was quite busy; in addition to Faika Karim's own label, they also stock a number of other designers too.

This collection, the "Lahore Pret" collection was displayed in the window and at the front of the shop and after browsing everything else in store, this was the collection I liked the most.

The crowd cleared and I asked to try both outfits on. I was ushered into the fitting room, which was a tiny claustrophobic space underneath a staircase! I assume there's a nicer fitting room for trying on bridal outfits, as I did see staff disappearing behind a curtain towards the back of the store.

Anyway, I tried the plainer black outfit on first, with the pair of dark skinny jeans I had on and really liked how it looked. The dress had a large diamond-shaped cutout at the back which I would probably have filled in, but aside from that I was sold! The store sample size was a good fit and I liked the little details like the pearls on the sleeves and the quality/finish overall.

I tried the slightly heavier and more expensive black and gold jamawar design on next, and whilst it looked nice, personally for my style I felt the fit was a bit too stiff and formal - I liked the looser, more laid back feel of the first one.

I can't remember the exact prices, but I think the price quoted for these was around £150 - £200, which for something quite casual, was a bit too expensive for me.

The other thing that put me off making a purchase was the general feeling I got from the people working in the store. I know the shop was busy, but even after most of the other customers had left, the assistants didn't seem to show a lot of interest in making a sale. They were helpful and informative to a point, but it was minimal and it left me feeling like I'd rather spend my money elsewhere!

I still love the style though and hope to have something like this in my wardrobe soon!

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