Monday, 29 June 2015

AFB Family Wedding - The Walima

My final "AFB Family Wedding" post (for this wedding at least!) is what I wore to the Walima.

I purchased this sari way back in February, from Alankar Sarees in Manchester, and was drawn to the pop of neon pink, the sequins and that black and white houndstooth print!

The event itself was quite a small function, so whilst this isn't the blingiest of outfits, I felt it suited the occassion. Besides, I prefer an understated style anyway!

For my hair and make-up, I had in mind a faux-bob style - longer hair pinned up to look like a shorter bob. I had saved a few photos on my hair styles Pinterest board and this was the one I showed to my MUA Huda Ahmed for reference:

For make-up I wanted sparkly glittery eyes! Here's a closer look at my hair and make-up; with and without specs!

My sisters said some of the guests were asking if I'd cut my hair - so I guess the faux-bob worked!

The look was finished off with another jewellery set from Kyles Collection, this one is the "Garden of Eden" set and I've worn this a few times before, including with my Satya Paul sari (check out that look here)

As part of the hosting family of this event, I spent a fair amount of time running around organising things, picking up nephews and nieces, so my sari setting didn't stay perfectly as it could have done for all the photos...

Here's a few more full-lengths, showing how it looked in different lights (ie with and without the camera flash!)

After the lunchtime function at the banqueting hall, we invited family back to my parent's house for tea and coffee. At this point I changed from one sequinned outfit to another, and wore my Raishma sequinned bodycon churidar suit. We also set up a dessert table!

As much as I'd like to take credit for all these tasty treats, we had a little help from B Inspired who provided the mini chocolate fudge cakes, carrot cake cakes, victoria sponges, chocolate eclairs and fruit tarts whilst our family friend Shopna made the cake pops. I did however make the red and green jelly and cream desserts!

I also wanted to give a mention to Bobby, the Bollywood Piano player we hired for the main function. His piano renditions of our favourite bollywood songs, old and new, created a really nice ambience for the event and we're so glad we booked him instead of a DJ.

I was exhausted by around 6pm on the Walima day, having had a late night with last minute preparations and a 5am wake-up call for hair and make-up and to set the venue up to our specification, plus entertaining guests not only at the function hall, but at my parent's house too. It took us all a few days to recover!!

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