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Floral Hairband Hairstyle Inspired by Rohit Bahl at AICW2015

For the final event of my cousin's wedding, I decided to take some hair styling inspiration from Rohit Bal's Amazon India Couture Week 2015 collection.

The models wore these huge floral-looking textured hair pieces which covered almost half the side of their heads in some cases!

I didn't have anything as big as their hair pieces, but I did have a small floral headband which I tried to style in a similar way. Here's my take on the look...
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I've been trying on floral headbands all summer, looking for one which I could wear to an asian event and searching for the best ways to style my hair with such an accessory. Most of the ones I found had too much of a music festival or bridesmaid feel to them or the colours contrasted a bit too much with my dark hair.

I even got my niece trying them on too! These were in H&M.

The black floral headband I ended up buying was from Forever 21. Black was a bit of a safe, maybe even boring, colour choice, but it was really cheap compared to what I'd seen in the other shops and I figured even if I only wore it once it wouldn't be a waste.

My first attempt to wear it, was for one of the earlier wedding events, my hair was styled straight with not much else happening so I thought maybe I'd try wearing the headband a bit like a crown...

It looked ok with my hoodie and tshirt for some reason, but once I put my outfit on I just couldn't commit to the whole look and ditched the headband that day!

There was a week in between the events and it was during this time that I spotted the catwalk looks from Rohit Bal's show and that's when I got the idea to use the headband to create a similar look.

I managed to get a late-notice appointment with one of my regular make-up artist and hair stylists - Huda. For various events over the last 7 years I've taken catwalk, editorial and celebrity red carpet photos to Huda and she's been able to work her magic and give me my own version of the look.

I took a few selfies whilst my hair styling was in progress, from the starting point of backcombing my hair, to smoothing it all down and pinning it up, ready for the floral hair band to be added.


Here's the final look, with my outfit and jewellery on too:

This was definitely one of my more abstract hairstyles. In all my photos I've posed with my head turned slightly so you can see all of the hairband, in photos where I'm looking at the camera straight-on, it doesn't look quite as good!

At Rohit Bal's show, the models had a more sultry make-up look, I think in hindsight perhaps I should have chosen a similar look with my make-up...but because my outfit was bright blue and quite summery, I wanted a fresh summery make-up look to match.
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Overall, I really liked the look, it's nice to try a different style and even though I don't feel like I completely pulled it off, I know next time to go moody and sultry with my make-up and outfit to really make a look like this work.

I'm also still waiting for the right occasion to wear the floral hair band crown-style like a queen!

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  1. Hmm, not sure about the roses headband look, I agree it doesn't work when too 'ut together'. I think that because there's a lot on th crown, it perhaps makes it a harder lookto pull off. if it was more discreet and on the side, If it was more discreet and on the side, it might be a lot more wearable.


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